SAVE OUR TREES – We’ve Done It!

Here’s some fantastic news from Swanspool House this afternoon! Marion Turner-Hawes would like to announce that ‘As it stand, from initial understanding… We’ve only gone and done it!’ Watch her announcement on Facebook or on YouTube:

Our beautiful limes, on The Walks at The Embankment are safe for now. North Northamptonshire Council had urged the contractors to stop the chop until Friday, and they did. Campaigners welcomed the temporary pause in felling for high-level behind-closed-doors talks take place on Friday. At these talks we had a result, no more felling until Vistry hold a public consultation.

We would like to say thank you to everyone for stopping the contractors felling the trees this week, we only lost one! Thank you to barrister Paul regarding the legal basis of our work. Thank you to Peter Bone MP for talking North Northants Council round, a massive thank you to Marion and everyone for their work behind the scenes, and most importantly thank you to the whole community for your support! Full report later.

Well done everyone!