SAVE OUR TREES – Celebrate The Pause

Join us on under our beautiful limes, at The Embankment Car Park from 3:30pm this Sunday for LIME AID, a chance to celebrate of the stay of execution following a summit between politicians and developers. What an amazing result!

The parties met at midday on Friday to thrash out the fate of the lime trees in Swanspool House. Peter Bone MP, North Northamptonshire Council leader Jason Smithers and chief executive Rob Bridge held an hour-long meeting with Vistry bosses Andrew Bloxham and Keith Carnegie.

Twenty protesters had gathered under the trees on Friday from 8am – 1pm, to safeguard them, then as news broke that an announcement was to be made, some of them and others went to Swanspool House to hear that it had been decided to pause felling until Vistry could hold a public engagement session.

Marion Turner-Hawes said upon hearing the result “my biggest thanks go to every person from within our community and outside for making such amazing efforts to stand up for what they believe. We are delighted that people will get the chance to get properly heard on their matter.” Watch her speak after the announcement on YouTube:

Campaigners gathered at the council offices – the start point of the Wellingborough Walks and where the original planning decision was made in December 22, 2015. Click here to read more reaction from all parties in the Northants Telegraph, watch their video below:

Wellingborough Town Council will hold a public meeting about the trees at 7pm on Thursday 9th March at Sir Christopher Hatton School. Agenda attached, we will update you with more details, but note that to speak you will normally have to contact the council beforehand.

Final word comes from PurpleVision because he simply sums up the fantastic news

Well done everyone, nearly there but we need to keep campaigning. Do join us at 3:30pm on Sunday for updates and to celebrate us saving our trees!