SAVE OUR TREES – Town Council Meeting

The residents of Wellingborough, the protesters and the lobbyists stopped 30 of the 45 trees due to be felled from being chopped down; but why did it take all of our actions over two weeks to get this reprieve? If protesters hadn’t blocked the eager contractors at every turn, if residents hadn’t signed the petition, if the Town Council and our campaigners hadn’t lobbied so hard, all of these trees would have been gone.

Even now trees are getting felled in Eastfield Park, we need to urgently get tree protection orders that stand for something in place before we lose more trees. 15 limes is too many on The Walks when councillors from the old Borough Council were told 11. So what on earth is going on North Northamptonshire Council and Vistry? Both may well bottle out of attending the Wellingborough Town Council meeting, as may a few culpable councillors, but we won’t; and we need you!

As Wellingborough residents prepare for extraordinary meeting to discuss London Road trees, click here to hear those involved in decisions tell their side of the story to the Northants Telegraph

To find out what’s going on, join us for a bit of democracy at Wellingborough Town Council’s extraordinary meeting at 7pm at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, The Pyghtle, Wellingborough Thursday 9th March. They want to hear your voice, and so do we, see you there!