SAVE OUR TREES – New Crowdfund

I wanted to let you know I, on behalf of Wellingborough Walks Action Group Ltd (WWAG Ltd), have just started a crowdfunding project for which we are aiming to raise £20,000 to further help challenge the planned felling of a further 24 trees from the historic Wellingborough Walks’, one of the longest avenues of lime trees in the country.

Wellingborough Walks Action Group Fundraiser

As you will see on the video, we have already raised an amazing amount of funding, but legal work is very expensive and our desire to try and resolve things outside of court is also adding to this expense. We have worked hard to resolve this issue and we are likely to require up to a further £20,000.

I know this sounds an enormous amount but since this campaign started in February 2023, we have already raised an amazing £25,000. People have been so kind and so generous. It’s clear many people from across Wellingborough and beyond fully appreciate the importance of this beautiful avenue of trees to the local community and to all of us as we work to cherish our natural environment and this vital amentiy.

As many of you will be aware, ‘the Walks’ in Wellingborough stretch from the town centre to the river, with many of the 189 trees (now 173 after 16 were felled in Feb) on the Walks more than 180 years old. This avenue of trees, and the river they join, would have been the last part of Wellingborough many young men and women going out into the world or off to the Boer Wars, and the first and second world wars would have seen. It would also have been the first of the town to welcome people returning, where they could.

Residents of our town are so determined to save these protected trees that we even set up a not-for-profit company (Wellingborough Walks Action Group Ltd) to do all we can to make this happen. Through this many hundreds of hours of time have been volunteered to take this campaign forward for our community., and we are clear you continue to support us to permanently SAVE THE TREES.

Please have a look at our Crowdfunder page and help us if you can to raise further funds to take the Judicial Review case to Court and save the protected Trees on Wellingborough Walks. All contributions are so gratefully accepted. I would love it if you could donate using the link below to access my project page. Any contribution large or small will be hugely appreciated.

Saving Wellingborough Walks Trees:

If you would like to donate in another way, please do contact Jonathan Hornett via our website, the link is:

Finally, can you also please share this campaign far and wide, with friends, family, business and groups.

Thank you so much for your time and support

Best wishes


Marion Turner-Hawes
Chairperson, Wellingborough Walks Action Group Ltd