SAVE OUR TREES – Tree Action this Friday!

Join us at the trees on The Walks at The Embankment 8-10am this Friday to mark the end of the pause of felling by the developers. They are very unlikely to be chopping down trees on September 1st, but there their guarantee ends, so we need to be vigilant. Our trees are now at risk!

This will be a friendly protest, we don’t expect any contractors or police there, and we aren’t looking to disrupt anyone’s day. Your support is needed, join us to meet some familiar faces from the campaign, to chat about what we have done and to show that our campaign to SAVE OUR TREES is very much still ongoing.

Update from Tree Action Public Information Event

Thank you to the 80 plus people that came to our two Tree Action Public Information Events on Wednesday 23rd August. From the feedback that we have, the event was well received and informative. Many people that attended have supported us both financially and in person at the protests and at our events.

For both sessions, people came in had a cup of tea of tea or coffee, chatted to the helpers and looked at our displays. People then went into the main meeting room and were treated to a presentation. We promised you and others that have requested, the information, so, excluding a few introductory slides, follow this link for the presentation:

Now we potentially enter a new phase in our campaign, we trust that you are still with us, see you on Friday morning. Thank you for your support!