Revised Travel Options to the High Court

As you know we have been exploring how to get as many people as possible down to London on time on the above days to support and be visible for our campaign, and many of you put your name down to consider a group travel option, mainly by coach.

We learnt last week that the High Court proceedings are likely to begin at 10.30am, and given security checks and our need to meet with our solicitor team beforehand, we would need to be at the High Court no later than by 9.30am.

Given this, and the daily experience of one of our number who goes to London most days by car,  it is clear that driving to London whether by coach or car, is not a realistic option unless we leave about 5am in the morning.  This seems very unlikely and it also does not allow for any other problems that might appear on the motorway on that day.

Letting Train Take the Strain – So we have decided to let go the bus / coach / car idea and instead look at the best Train options, given that there are 3 stations that we could look to travel from, and there maybe a group travel discount opportunity.  This would allow us to leave a bit later but obviously prices from Wellingborough can be a real problem.

Anyway, we have been doing some research and we have found the following….

  1. That of the 3 local train leaving points (Wellingborough, Northampton and Bedford), Northampton is by far the cheapest option travelling during peak times.
  2. The cost of a day return from Wellingborough (not advance) is £129 at peak times, the cost from Bedford is £53 return, and from Northampton its £34, (coming back after 20:30 (8.30pm), or £38 coming back at 19.23 (7.23pm) – that’s to Euston Station – we would have to get a bus or the underground to the High Court

Booking as a Group – we may also be able to get a better price by booking in advance, if we are quick and are able to book as a group.  Some people may get a discount anyway if they have a railcard.  So lots of potentials.

Getting to Northampton – Some of the group may well live in or near to Northampton anyway, for the rest of us we are looking to see if people could give others a lift and then share the parking cost at Northampton, I believe its about £11 or £12 per car.  And we also have the option of the Wellibus helping us too.

Likely Group Booking Times – If travelling as part of the group, presently we would be looking to leave on 30th April 2024 catching the 7:30am train from Northampton Station to London Euston, and we would be coming back later that day on the 19:23 (7:23pm) train from London Euston to Northampton.

For those of us also going again on the 1st May, we think it would be the same process, and hopefully the same costs, or less. We will inquire. So now its all about numbers:

We need to hear from you – Please fill in the following form, if you have already filled in the registration form your details will be saved with your email address and Google login, please just add the new questions if you have previously filled this in:

Please Note – If you have your own railcard or other discount method its probably better if you book your own ticket, and if you still want to travel with the group or want a lift please let us know via the questions above.

Lifts to the station – We will do our best to put people in touch with each other to arrange these yourselves.

Please let us know your responses by Friday 15th March 2024 at the latest, but the sooner the better please so we can try and get the best prices.  Please Note:  the prices quoted above are NOT set in stone, they are changing all the time but hopefully, they are indicative.