SAVE OUR TREES, Keep stopping the chop…

We managed to stop the chop on Monday, can we continue to prevent the destruction of our trees by North Northamptonshire Council. We hope so. Join us from 8:30am to get in their way again. If we can stop them setting up then we keep our trees. See you there!

Monday was a huge success, thank you everyone who stood at the entrance to the Embankment car park, where workers had parked their vans containing barriers needed to section off the pavement. It meant the contractors were unable to start work as the road was not closed.

As the stand-off continued, behind the scenes Marion Turner-Hawes, who had first highlighted the imminent felling of the trees, was seeking legal advice from campaigning specialist ‘tree barrister’ Paul Powlesland, founder of Lawyers for Nature. He has offered his services to help sift through the hundreds of documents to ascertain if there is any legal way to challenge the planning decision.

Click here to read more about it on the Northants Telegraph website. Do join us from 8:30am tomorrow to get in their way again.