SAVE OUR TREES – Two trees felled illegally, four people arrested with no charges, scandalous!

Join us again after a very sad day, this Thursday Morning from 8am where we hopefully won’t allow any more trees to be cut down, or suffer heavy handed policing.

Local residents hoping to save an avenue of trees from developers’ chainsaws have been unable to stop the felling. After a long stand-off between protesters and construction contractors, Northants Police stormed in and arrested three people. A fourth was arrested later.

The tactics of the police today have been heavily criticised by Amnesty International, stating: ‘Arrests at an entirely peaceful protest by local residents trying to prevent the destruction of a large number of historically-important and protected trees appears ludicrously heavy-handed.’ Click here to read more.

It had looked as if clearance work would wait until risk assessments had been carried out but at about 1.30pm chainsaws sprung into action, swiftly downing two trees where the Victorian railings had been removed with an angle grinder.

Campaigner Marion Turner-Hawes said: “I’m just so devastated. I am angry the residents have been left to be the frontline. A full report from Allison Bagley of Northants Telegraph from Wednesday by clicking here. Here is their video of the first tree being felled.

Do join us this Thursday Morning from 8am to stop any more trees to being cut down. Don’t let North Northamptonshire Council, Bovis Homes and their contractors get away with this criminal vandalism.