Councillors Marion Turner-Hawes and Valerie Anslow would like to thank everyone who came came out to protest the senseless vandalism of cutting down up to 61 lime trees from our historic Walks. It was truly inspiring to see that so many local people care about their trees and the town’s history.

Click here for an excellent article of yesterday’s protest by the Northants Telegraph. The protest was also covered by ITV local news.

Today Cllrs Turner-Hawes and Anslow are trying to get the trees saved by submitting the petition to North Northamptonshire Council and to put a temporary stop to the chop, because the plans are a mess, no body knows if it’s 11 trees, 32 or all 61 from the roundabout to the Dog and Duck Pub.

So please do continue to sign the petition at, plus write to your councillors and MP ASAP. Find your Town Councillors at…/council…/ and North Northamptonshire Councillors at…


We are holding two more shows of public objection to this vandalism:

On Sunday (19th February) at 6pm, we hope that you can join us for a Candlelight Vigil for what might well be the last day of their lives. Join us at the Dog and Duck Pub at 6pm for this quiet contemplating protest.

On chop day, Monday 20th February, we are planning to guard the trees from 8am, and protest from 9am. Please do join us to stop the chop, because even if we have a successful order to put them off, we want to make sure.

Thank you everyone for your support.