SAVE OUR TREES – Halt The Felling

Do join us if you can to save Wellingborough Walks on Tuesday. Protesters will be there again from 8am, with tree felling expected to start at 9:30 once they’ve closed the road. We expected carnage on Monday and it didn’t happen, let’s prevent them cutting down these beautiful healthy limes, that are full of bats, again.

Monday saw eager contractors hell bent on felling the limes on The Walks. The day had started early with protesters blocking lorries and access for the contractors to the site. Again many of us were threatened with arrest, but we did delay their lust to turn our trees into sawdust.

As protesters stood in front of lorries carrying equipment, behind the scenes evidence gleaned by local wildlife enthusiasts and points of law were being reviewed by Northants Police. The contractors from Bovis Homes however did later have to prove a point, by ripping the tops off two trees, which could be said to be the worst pollarding job ever.

Watch this special report by PurpleVision that includes all of Monday’s protests and our footage of the trees having their limbs being ripped off. As Purple says ‘at the end of Monday the Lime tree avenue stands proud for another day thanks to the efforts of the residents’. Tuesday is a new day and the battle to save our trees will continue. See you from 8:00am…