100 or so jubilant campaigners gathered for LIME AID on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the pause of felling the trees on The Walks. Marion Turner-Hawes led the way with an update. Protesters and lobbyists joined in with suggestions on how we save our trees permanently.

Everyone was thanked for the part they have played in our successful campaign, then Marly join us and everyone cheered. We all then hugged the people next to us and then formed a huge circle around the car park to have a bit of fun with a Mexican Welly Wave to thank everyone for their support.

NEXT UP is Monday from 8am to make sure the contractors go, AND THEN we need as many people as possible to attend on Thursday evening, 7pm at Sir Christopher Hatton School for the Wellingborough Town Council meeting.

It’s all about The Walks, let’s show them we care with people power! Get your questions in now, click here to submit them and click here for the meeting’s agenda.

Just to remind you that we had expected to lose 45 trees, including more than 20 last week. We lost just one last week, and 15 in total, mainly because committed protesters blocked the contractors at every turn; giving lobbyists and the powers that be time to get this temporary pause.

The battle has been won, but the fight continues to save our trees permanently. Join us, we will carry on campaigning at every level to stop our trees being cut down. Thank you all for your support!