Love Your Tree Day

Show your love for your favourite tree on #LoveYourTreeDay!

Trees have so many benefits, they provide us with oxygen to breathe, home for wildlife, and much more. Following recent events on The Walks in Wellingborough, and the success of the Save Our Trees campaign, we think that our trees deserve to be celebrated. We would like everyone to chose their favourite tree and decorate it for May, and this starts with Love Your Tree Day on the 1st!

Trees form an essential part of our environment and, over the years, their importance has been taught to children growing up. Even in recent times, individuals have become so environmentally conscious that a sustainable lifestyle to protect our trees has become the norm. Most people now want to protect and preserve our trees, which make the world a better and safer place to live in.

Love Your Tree Day is all about showing that you love trees. You can do this in a number of ways. By simply tying a yellow ribbon around your favourite tree you can show that someone cares for that tree. Decorations could be more than that, but we would like to show everyone in our town that our trees are loved without creating mess. You can also draw them, photograph them and even plant them, and then share them!

Join SAVE OUR TREES campaigners and Wellingborough Eco Group members at The Embankment and The Walks at 11am in the car park to dress the trees and/or dress your favourite tree near you!

Yellow ribbons are to be taken down and recycled after the Waendal Walk weekend, sustainable cotton yellow ribbons will be also available from our ECO HUB. It would be amazing if these decorations could last for a couple of weeks, so that those celebrating the Coronation and those taking part in the Waendal Walk could see them and join in.

ECO HUB has started a tree of hands today, and we want your hand in it. Draw round your hand, colour it in, add it to the tree. Join in at our Happy Cafés, Eco Club for Kids and Polish Community Group sessions. Here is the ECO HUB Hand Tree so far:

The 1st May represents a celebration of life for everyone, and has done for hundreds of years, that’s why we want everyone to celebrate trees which breathe life into our town! So decorate your tree, take a picture and share on your favourite social media platform with the hashtag #LoveYourTreeDay and with us! We look forward to seeing your favourite trees!