SAVE OUR TREES – Court Update

We have heard back from the Court following the submission deadline last Friday. Given all the info provided the Judge has instructed that a form of dispute resolution MUST happen between now and 11th July, when the Judge will sit down and review the case we submitted and the other party’s defence. Between now and then he is requiring:

  • that SCD provide us with the info we have requested about how many trees they say need to be felled and why.
  • he instructs that we need to respond to that info with our ideas within 7 days.
  • that we all need to meet to discuss possible changes to the roundabout design no later than 23rd June. And any alternative solution need to be sent to the Court by 10th July.

So we have a clear time table for action. This is a bit of a win for us as we were the only party proposing such an approach with the intention of getting agreement outside of court. We await the info we requested many weeks ago.

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